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A Muslim looking for love

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Alnaddy is the best Muslim dating website on the internet today, if you are yet to discover it then you are certainly in for a treat.
Are you a Muslim looking for love? Or perhaps you are seeking an online place to chat to new people? If so, there is no place better then This website is the best place for muslims to chat and get to no one another, and of course hopefully take things to the next level. You are really wasting your time if you go anywhere else. Nevertheless, I do not expect you to take just my word for it, so in this article I will tell you all about Alnaddy and why it is the best Muslim dating website out there today!

First and foremost, it connects Muslims all over the world thus it is certainly not restricted to one area or one country. When it comes to dating websites many people get frustrated because they are only based in certain countries, and therefore they often feel excluded. However, you need not worry about this with Alnaddy because they cater to everyone everywhere.

Unlike most dating websites Alnaddy is absolutely one hundred percent free of charge. This is great because it means that you can try out the website at no risk to yourself, if you do not like it, which I am sure will not be the case, then you can merely not go on it again without it costing you anything. This is also good because a lot of people like to use dating websites merely to chat or just to get a feel for what is going on before they do anything, it would seem like a waste to pay for this though, yet luckily you do not have to.

In addition to this, the website provides so much more than merely a dating portal for Muslims. In fact, Alnaddy entails content and frequently delivers news reports, such as updates on the latest weather and celebrity gossip. As well as information on pray times, and even a specific channel for women. This is all offered in the aid of enhancing your dating experience and it certainly makes Alnaddy a fun website to visit and use.

The reviews and zawag success stories in relation to Alnaddy are testament to how good of a dating website it truly is. The site has such a high reputation and you will be far fetched to find many negative reviews about it. In fact every month they average at about three marriage taking place because of the site, when you put that into perspective it is in fact a massive figure and a massive display of achievement. Two hundred and fifty thousand individuals are currently using Alnaddy and by the time you have finished reading this article it will probably be a lot more as numbers are literally growing by the minute.
Finally, the website is also extremely easy to use so you need not fear getting confused and losing your potential dating partner. It is also extremely safe and secure which is of course absolutely pivotal when using such a website.

All in all, Alnaddy is an Arabic internet portal that has been providing quality content to millions of visitors from all over the Arab world for seven years now. The site provides various content channels that update around the clock to deliver the latest news, useful information that include weather reports and prayer times, as well as popular content such as lyrics of hit songs, celebrity news, Women’s information channel and more. The site operates a vast dating section with tens of thousands of members from all over the Arab world that use the site to seek and find life partners. The service is completely free of charge.

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Freedom of Choice for Muslim Marriages

Muslim marriages are, against common misguided beliefs, usually not arranged marriages, but men and women have the right to chose their own partner within their own religion.
Strangely enough, Muslim men are allowed to marry Jewish or Christian women, but Muslim women are expected to marry a man of their own faith.
When Muslim men or Muslim women around the world are searching for a potential marital spouse, specific qualities are supposed to be looked for in a partner. These qualities include a lawful, sufficient income, as well as piety, contentment, an ability to make sound, mature judgments, protectiveness, responsibility and a forgiving nature in a man.

Further more, a man should have even temper, tolerance, patience, cooperation, generosity, bodily cleanliness and a good overall appearance, as well as being from a good, acceptable and reputable family.
The qualities a man should seek in a woman consist of an easy going and affectionate nature, sound understanding and judgment, piety, obedience, contentment, patience, bodily cleanliness, good appearance and obviously being part of a stable and decent family. Muslim men and Muslim women around the world
This, of course, could be applied to any sensible choice of partner, although women in the Western world would be likely to question the obedience part mentioned here.
One has to remember that Muslim culture and traditions are very different from Western ideas and philosophies. This equally applies to the actual Muslim wedding rituals. As a matter of fact, while there are obviously basic similarities, these rituals often vary even from country to country.
A Muslim ritual of marriage in China, for instance, will be different in certain respects to the same ritual in India, the United Arab Emirates or the Philippines. One thing remains the same, they are the results of often very short courtships, with both sets of parents having a great deal of influence of who is acceptable as a partner.
Wherever a young couple happens to live, whether in a mostly Muslim country or a predominantly Christian, Hindu or Buddhist country, strict rules will have been followed before the marriage takes place and more often than not, couples will have had little or o time alone during their courtship.
This, in the eyes of Muslims, has given them plenty of time to get to know each other without feelings of lust affecting their judgment. Statistics show that far fewer, if any, Muslim marriages end in divorces than those of other faiths. According to Muslim

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Muslim World Has Embraced Online Marriages – Change for Good

Rites and rituals are the part and parcel of all marriages cutting across different religions. There are vows to be affirmed, promises to be adhered to, and so on. The way marriages are performed can vary from one religion to another. Even in Islam, marriages are performed in a unique way. You would be interested to know that until not so long ago, arranged marriages was the only practice that were followed in Islam. In fact, Muslim women were not even allowed to raise their opinions in these matters. But all this is fast changing now. The internet has made its way in the lives of Muslims and they’re using it to find their life partners.

The online marriages in the Muslim world are now becoming a common thing. Let us consider our own website, Today, our website is playing a pivotal role in helping Muslims world over to get to know one another and also to find their prospective life partners. Having been a leading Muslim marriage and matrimonial site for a while now, we are fully committed to bring all Muslims together and give them an opportunity to get heard. In fact, we are the only site in the online space that exclusively caters to the needs of Muslim marriages. We have always provided excellent marriage and dating related services to Muslim men and women and wish to do so in the future as well.

In the days gone by, it was really difficult for Muslim women to express themselves. They were not even allowed to choose their own life partners and therefore had to rely entirely on the wisdom of their parents. But these days, they are found exploring our website, zawag alnaddy to enable them to find a groom of their choice. We provide the women with these opportunities through our site. There are plenty of search options available across our website and this enables women to present their own search criteria’s. On doing so, they will be provided with the results that they can always make use of. In fact, this has been the procedure followed by both men and women while getting their online marriages fixed.

Our website had more than 250,000 Muslim members in it on the last count. And this figure has been growing constantly over the last few years. The excellent database of Muslim profiles that we have has attracted many internet users to fix their online marriages. We are sure that if they can use our website to get married, you too can use it accordingly to get married.

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Date Your Muslim Partner through Internet

In the olden days, the concept of dating hardly existed in the Muslim communities. However, today, many young Muslim men and women are seen dating one another either over the internet or otherwise. So, the question is: How was this radical change possible in the Muslim communities that were once known for their conservative approach. As we are all aware, the burgeoning internet has provided a platform for many young Muslims to date their partners and even find their soul mates! No wonder the concept of dating over the internet is fast catching up.

Our website is very popular with Muslims world over. And there is a popular reason why it is so. Our website is a leading Muslim marriage and matrimonial site and has helped thousands of Muslims across the globe and is continuing that mission even to this day. Being a wonderful platform that it is, our website enables young Muslims to find a date of their choice over the internet. Our database is really wonderful as it contains thousands of profiles of eligible Muslim women and men from different corners of the globe. In fact, according to the last count, our website had more than 250,000 Muslim members in it.

The conservative approach by many Muslim communities in the past meant the marriages had to take place within a given community and through word-of-mouth or through matrimonial agencies. But with the changing times, these concepts too started to change a great deal. Today, most young Muslims are relying on our website to help them in their search for partners. These people can visit our website and use different search options available there to get the results matching their preferences. If interested in any of the search results; they have the option of contacting them through our system. Thanks to our website, there are thousands of Muslims meeting one another every day in one part of the globe or the other.

The transformation through our website has been such that even Muslim ladies that are looking for Muslim husband are finding it a lot easier to get their results through it, rather than discussing the matter with their parents, friends or relatives. While, we as a service provider are really excited to be a serious contributor to this transformation, we are equally glad that with our efforts the Muslim communities spread across different areas on the map are coming a lot closer than what it used to be in the past decades. Muslims are definitely getting to know one another more frequently than ever before. A lot of credit can, in fact, be given to us in this regard.

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Embrace The New Trend in the Muslim Community

There has been a tremendous growth in the field of science and technology in the past few decades. Without a surprise, these changes have been seen in the life common men; especially the ones in the Muslim communities. For example, there are dedicated websites like our own that has been providing date and marriage related services to the Muslims residing in different corners of the globe. In a way, the websites like ours have been instrumental in bringing the Muslim community together and get to know one another well. This would have been unthinkable, not so long ago!

Being a leading Muslim marriage and matrimonial site, has been leading the way in finding suitable partners for many Muslim men and women. These people will no longer have to struggle hard to find a dating partner or a soul mate. It has all been made really easy by us. In fact, Muslim ladies and gentlemen do not even have to venture out to find their partners these days. All the searching activities can be done from the comforts of their home and without being noticed by people you’re not comfortable dealing with.

We’re absolutely thrilled to say that our website had more than 250,000 Muslim members in it on the last count. This wouldn’t have been the case if Muslims world over had not contributed in their own way to its success. Our website gives out a lot of information of men and women of the Muslim community so that the users can make use of it while searching out for their date and marriage partners. Though the database is exhaustive right now, it is continuing to grow at a steady pace. People looking for Muslim wife will find several eligible Muslim women in our website. All the men need to do is shortlist them based on their preferences. There are many ways through which they can contact these women and see if they too are interested in them and would love to take their relationship to the next level.
We sincerely believe that we can contribute to the Muslim community a great deal. While we have already been doing this, we are striving hard to continue doing it in the future as well. Ours is the best platform where you can meet 10000s of Muslim women and men seeking marriage. If you too are looking to get into the holy knot, you can pay visit to our site and see for yourself the difference we can bring out to you.

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How do Asian Muslims find a Spouse

Large parts of Asia are predominantly Muslim. Here, the same Islamic laws and rules apply to everyday life and activities as anywhere within the Islamic world.Young Asian Muslims, like Muslims in any other part of the world, for instance, do not get involved in relationships to decide whether a person is going to be a potential life-partner.

For them, relationships between the opposite sexes outside their families or marriage are taboo. As a result, they are not able to date like teenagers in societies of other faiths.
So how is it possible for a Muslim in Asia to find a husband or wife? The process is a complicated one, and often begins at a young age by making friendships of the same sex. These friendships are cultivated and preserved throughout people lives, ultimately providing a network of familiar families.
When a son or daughter reaches the age to be married, their family will suggest a list of possible spouses from this network. One or both parents will then contact the family of the most likely candidates and arrange an initial meeting. 

At this meeting the young people are allowed to interact within a supervised setting. If they get on and agree to be married to each other, further such meetings will be arranged and engagements and weddings are typically arranged very quickly.The problem is, that although they will get to know one another to a certain extent, a deep understanding and real compatibility are rarely achieved before the marriage ceremony has taken place.Fortunately, technology is now changing this.

It can be safely said that this very modern part of life has become an acceptable part of ancient Islamic tradition. Because couples are not in any danger of falling prey to their desires, many families allow them to have their conversations in privacy, at least after a while.
Given that the person a relationship is thus formed with is accepted by the family as suitable, they will eventually meet, with their families present, and the usual arrangements for their engaement and ultimately marriage will be made.
Muslims around all of Asia are now taking advantage of this excellent service, and many happy Muslim marriages have been entered into as a result. 

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Muslim Dating in Malaysia

 Malaysia is largely a Muslim dominated country and has many thriving Muslim communities within it. Being a largely conservative country, the concept of dating between Muslim men and women hardly existed. That’s not all; it wasn’t easy to marry another person belonging to another community. There were a lot of reservations with regards to these concepts in the olden days in Malaysia. But today, the country is thriving and with it, a lot of changes have crept into the mainstream Muslim communities. Today, dating and marriages take place openly between different Muslim communities. Our website, has played a pivotal role, as always, in bringing about these changes

The growth of internet has been phenomenal in Malaysia. We had realized this long before and took up the noble cause of developing our website to enable young Malaysian men and women interact with one another through the online medium and then decide on their future. This concept was largely unthinkable not so long ago in Malaysia. The online platform that we have managed to create helps to meet 1000s of Muslim women and men seeking marriage and other related services. Various search options present in our Muslim matrimonial sites enables Malaysians to provide their search criteria’s to help them get partners of their choice.

It’s not just our marriage site that has caught the eyes of the Muslim public; even our Muslim dating site too has been equally exciting to them. Through this online platform, young Muslim can look forward to meeting dating partners of their choice and thereby get to know one another well before they can think of getting married. We can say for certain, a typical Muslim marriage was never like this before. With the changing times, Muslim communities too have begun to adapt to these changes and how!

Muslim dating; though a new concept in Malaysia, is gaining momentum all across the country. Muslims are no longer restricted in their views and opinions and therefore, free to choose their partners. Through our websites, these young people can certainly look forward to doing that and much more. If at all they come across eligible and willing partner through our website, they can take the relationship to the next higher level. They can, in fact, become soul mates. Having been a leading Muslim marriage and matrimonial site for a long while now, we understand what it means to search for our ideal life partners. Without an aorta of doubt, it is one of the most important decisions that we need to take at some point in time and we help Muslims across Malaysia in making these decisions a lot easier.